played a show tonight with tony mecca & the heavy mental gypsy's.  one of the last few gigs before my impending surgery. it felt real good. jim and i are locking together more often now. two more gigs to go before i get cut and i'm gonna play like a fucking madman. almost want to cancel it but it has to be done.
finally catching up to digital recording. just got 'cakewalk - sonar home studio 7'. not as proprietory as protools but basically does the same thing. should have time to learn this after my surgery. have to learn to use a mouse with my left hand.
sonar gives me 64 digital tracks. in addition a i'm running a korg d3200 with 32 digital tracks, and a fostex D160 with 16 digital tracks. hhmmm redo bohemian rhapsody? ha!
finally realizing that after my surgery, i won't have use of my right hand for 4 weeks. not gonna be fun or easy.