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ok, surgery went well. not fun but so far so good. gotta learn to use my left hand for everything for awhile. not easy.
ready to chicken out of this surgery stuff. what if it doesn't work...and the friggin pain...not liking this




played a show tonight with tony mecca & the heavy mental gypsy's.  one of the last few gigs before my impending surgery. it felt real good. jim and i are locking together more often now. two more gigs to go before i get cut and i'm gonna play like a fucking madman. almost want to cancel it but it has to be done.
finally catching up to digital recording. just got 'cakewalk - sonar home studio 7'. not as proprietory as protools but basically does the same thing. should have time to learn this after my surgery. have to learn to use a mouse with my left hand.
sonar gives me 64 digital tracks. in addition a i'm running a korg d3200 with 32 digital tracks, and a fostex D160 with 16 digital tracks. hhmmm redo bohemian rhapsody? ha!
finally realizing that after my surgery, i won't have use of my right hand for 4 weeks. not gonna be fun or easy.
scared out of my mind re: my surgery on 11/10/10 for carpal tunnel syndrome and basil arthritus.
couple of gigs coming up, so off to rehearsal with part of hammer down today. then gotta work on material this week for gigs with tony mecca & hammer down.
spent sunday in the studio with tony mecca. finished 'black cloud' came in with a good track, but left with a great one! tony's got some good ears. was going for a kinda stones/faces drunk bass feel. think i got it without drinking.
sunday 5/16/10 - benefit- Blues for the Cure @ odessa fire hall- Odessa , De. 1 set  --what a great time for a great cause.  nothing can cleanse your soul like good music
going out tonight to see ron tagg & bill mattson @ the pennant, should be fun.